About Us

Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto, California

Founded in Palo Alto, Ca in 2016, Highwai sits in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

Peter McGuinness, CEO

Peter McGuinness, CEO

PETER mcguinness, CEO

Previously with ST Microelectronics as Research Director; Imagination Technologies as the Director of Technology Marketing; Chairman, Neural Network Exchange Format WG, Khronos Group

Technical expert: GPU architectures, gaming, 5 US patents

The team

The remainder of the team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in Computer Vision & Machine Learning, Cloud & Distributed Computing, 3D Graphics and Simulation, Camera Systems (Sensors & Optics), Sales, Marketing, and Engineering.

The team boasts multiple former CEOs, Senior VPs, and PhDs who also hold over 20 US patents.


Highwai is a privately held company that develops and markets simulators to train neural networks for very high accuracy object recognition, detection and tracking.

Founded: September 2016

Incorporated: California C Corp, May 2017

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Funding: Early stage funding provided by founders and friends


  • Real-world 3D Simulator,

  • Dataset Augmentation and Management Toolset

  • AI Toolkit

  • Trained Neural Networks for object detection